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If you were in the town of Kearny and suffered an injury from a car accident that was not your fault, you don’t have to bear the responsibility of that financial and emotional burden alone. Bhatt Law Group has injury attorneys available who can provide you with a free consultation regarding your case. They will go over every detail and work hard to get you the monetary compensation that is rightfully yours. This will cover your medical expenses, disability expenses, and all other expenses that are related to the pain and suffering that you have incurred from the accident.

Whether you have suffered an injury in Kearny or know someone close to you who has, calling Bhatt Law Group will be the best decision you can make in seeking monetary compensation for damages. Contact a Kearny injury lawyer today by calling (201) 798-8000.

Car Accident Cases in Kearny

When you get into a car accident in Kearny, you could suffer any number of serious physical injuries. There may be broken bones, injured back, brain damage, cuts, or even a spinal cord injury which has left you paralyzed. On top of that, there is the mental stress and anxiety caused by it as well.

Let one of our car accident lawyer handle your case. If the cause of your accident was due to an intoxicated driver, new driver, or any driver that was breaking the law, we are confident that we can get you a generous amount of compensation for all the expenses and damages you have sustained.

Truck Accidents In Kearny

Truck drivers are notorious for speeding behind the wheel and breaking traffic laws in order to make their deliveries faster and increase their profits. The problem is they are putting other people’s lives at risk on the road when they do this. If a driver who is operating a huge 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer were to crash into a car, you can be sure that the person in the car would be the one to suffer the most. If it doesn’t kill them, it will likely leave them with permanent life-changing injuries and disabilities.

Bhatt Law Group has attorneys who take on truck accident cases all the time. We’ve had clients who were injured because a truck’s load was not secured, the brakes were faulty, or the truck driver was sleepy or intoxicated. If any of these scenarios happened in your case, then the truck driver or their employer is guilty of negligence. As a result, we can fight to get you compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against them on your behalf.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Kearny

Motorcycle accidents almost always result in the injury or death of the driver. The cause of these accidents could be from any number of reasons. Perhaps the motorcycle had mechanical problems or was not properly maintained. If the motorcycle was repaired recently, the mechanic may not have done a good enough job securing all the components. Either that or the accident can be the result of another driver being negligent and hitting the motorcycle. If someone you loved has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, or if you are an injured victim of such an accident, then Bhatt Law Group can file a lawsuit seeking compensation for damages. One of our motorcycle accident attorneys will seek compensation from whichever caused the accident, whether it was the manufacturer of the motorcycle or another driver on the road.

Wrongful Death in Kearny

When a negligent driver causes an accident that kills their victim, this is considered a “wrongful death.” The victim’s family members have a strong case for suing the negligent driver over the wrongful death of their loved one. Bhatt Law Group can assist you in filing this lawsuit and the pursuit of seeking compensation from them. This can help pay for your emotional suffering and all the funeral and/or burial expenses of the victim.

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We know how accidents can cause turmoil in your life. But you do not have to deal with the repercussions of your accident alone. Call Bhatt Law Group at (201) 798-8000 and let one of our attorneys help guide you through the next steps that you should take in your case.