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DCPP Investigations

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当来自新泽西州儿童保护和永久性机构(DCPP)的调查员来敲门时,没有什么比这更让父母害怕的了. DCPP is a powerful state agency with broad investigative powers, 虽然他们在保护儿童方面发挥着重要和合法的作用, 他们还可以超越自己的权力范围,侵犯父母的权利. 这些滥用权力的意外后果可能意味着对一个家庭和, ultimately, the children they were meant to protect.

If you are under DCPP investigation, you are likely going to engage a complicated, confusing, and unnerving process. You need an advocate on your side who knows the process and law, and who can fight for your rights as a parent and protect your family. Bhatt Law Group’s experienced Jersey City family law attorneys 可以帮助你在DCPP调查所创造的混乱迷宫中导航.

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How DCPP Investigations Begin

通常情况下,一旦有人举报虐待或忽视儿童,DCPP就会展开调查. These allegations are usually made by phone, and under New Jersey law, 认为儿童受到虐待或忽视的人有责任向当局报告,或被执法部门列为扰乱治安的人. 报告的个人受到保密保护,大多数情况下不承担责任. 可以向DCPP提出多种指控,包括:

  • Child death
  • Head and internal injuries, burns, wounds, fractures, or poisoning
  • Inadequate supervision, food, shelter, or clothing
  • Medical, educational, or environmental neglect

Upon receiving an allegation of abuse or neglect, DCPP必须在24小时内派一名调查员到有问题的家庭开始调查.

DCPP Findings

检察机关调查人员将对居住在该住宅的父母或监护人及其他家庭成员进行面谈,并对住宅进行彻底的检查,进行初步调查. Upon completing the investigation, 调查员必须确定这些指控是否属实, established, not established, or unfounded. Each of these categories has a complex definition under New Jersey Code, and DCPP takes actions based on these findings.

If an allegation is substantiated, 那就意味着DCPP已经确定这个孩子是被虐待和忽视的,绝对条件是存在的, such as the child died or nearly died, 或受重伤,需要大量医疗护理. If these absolute conditions are absent, but there is evidence of abuse or neglect, then DCPP’s findings will be that abuse or neglect is established. If most of the evidence does not indicate that a child died, nearly died, or was inflicted with severe injuries; however, a child was harmed or placed at risk of harm, a finding of not established will be rendered. Unfounded claims occur when there is no evidence of abuse or neglect.


DCPP将向家庭法院提交紧急投诉,如果它发现虐待或忽视. Parents, at this juncture, 是否应该由律师代表,因为这些涉及许多法律程序, up to a trial. 如果DCPP认为有直接的伤害风险,它可能会要求立即转移该儿童, which requires court approval.

If a parent is cleared of all allegations of abuse, DCPP will close the case and stop all interactions with the family. However, if allegations are substantiated or established, 该司可以设法执行一项旨在最终统一的个案计划, or, in the most severe cases, request a termination of parental rights.

Effect on Custody

If DCPP initiates an investigation, it may have consequences on child custody situations. If the allegation is made against the non-custodial parent, DCPP可能要求家庭法庭禁止非监护权父母和孩子之间的接触,直到调查完成. If the allegation is against the custodial parent, 那么DCPP可能会试图让没有监护权的父母申请变更监护权,即使他们不相信监护权的父母有虐待或忽视行为. If the non-custodial parent applies for a change in custody, 然后,法院可能决定在调查完成之前暂时给予监护权.

Once DCPP issues a finding on its investigation, parties may use that finding as evidence in support of, or against, an award of custody during an ongoing custody dispute. 它还可能影响未来的探访安排,这取决于调查结果的性质.

Appealing DCPP Findings

如果被DCPP认定为犯罪者的人收到了证实和/或确定的发现的通知, 他们有机会要求进一步审查并向DCPP本身上诉, and then by New Jersey’s Office of Administrative Law. 这使得家长可以挑战DCPP的调查结果,并提供证据反驳虐待和/或忽视.

Experienced Jersey City Family Law Attorneys

DCPP的调查对那些没有任何过错,但正面临孩子被带走的前景的父母来说可能是一个可怕的时刻. DCPP拥有广泛的调查权限,一旦发现错误,孩子就会被立即带走.

你需要一位富有同情心和经验的家庭法律律师,他了解家庭法庭系统,在这一领域有多年的经验. Bhatt Law Group 有在泽西城帮助人们处理家庭法和监护权问题的多年经验的律师,并在DCPP调查结果的上诉中代表客户.

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