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Our Paralegals

Bhatt Law Group employs a team of skilled paralegals who are ready to help with your personal injury, family law, or criminal and traffic defense case. Our paralegals work closely alongside our Jersey City attorneys and are committed to providing excellent service throughout your case.

Lizet Vazquez

Lizet Vazquez is a paralegal with more than two decades of experience who believes in helping good people overcome bad situations. At Bhatt Law Group she assists attorneys with criminal and traffic defense matters.

Lizet applies a detailed understanding of the legal process — from start to finish — to each client’s case and is very familiar with the local courts. She understands that facing a criminal or traffic offense can be stressful and traumatic and she strives to alleviate clients’ concerns and frustrations and to be there for them each step of the way.

She is a native of Hudson County, where she was raised in a family that taught her to work hard, speak out, and fight for justice. When she’s not working on behalf of clients, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Daniel Perfeito

Daniel Perfeito is a professional paralegal with a paralegal certificate from Montclair University and 15 years of practical experience in New Jersey. He focuses his work at Bhatt Law Group on personal injury cases, and enjoys using his education and skills to help people who have been injured by the actions of others.

As a paralegal he is passionate about helping injured people on their path to recovery. He understands that a serious injury can be life-changing and values his ability to advocate for them and to help improve their lives after an accident.

His passion for advocacy has been strengthened by his personal experiences fighting to get services for his child, who was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum at age 2. In view of his work to obtain needed services for his child, he understands why it’s so important for his clients to have someone in their corner fighting for the best outcome to their case.

Daniel grew up in Harrison, New Jersey, in a Portuguese family that taught him the importance of respect, compassion, and hard work. These are values he applies to his work with injured clients each day at Bhatt Law Group.